About Me

Hello, I'm Hannah, welcome to Munchkins Photography. 

Its not every day that you have professional photography done, so here is a little about me to help you make the right choice of photographer for you.


Photography has been a hobby of mine for several years but after the arrival of my two beautiful boys, I decided it was time to hang up my season ticket, leave the bright lights of London, the long days and the commuting and start the journey of turning my passion into a career. 

I now have the best job in the world, combing my love of children with my love of photography!  I love children and I love meeting families and being able to share in some of the most precious moments in their lives.  Pregnancy, the birth of a child, special milestones like children learning to sit up by themselves, crawl for the first time or a first birthday. I feel incredibly lucky to witness and capture these precious moments so families like yours are able to keep and treasure the memories forever.   

" The best things in life
are the people you love,
the places you've been, 

and the memories you've

made along the way."

~ For your reassurance ~

Newborn Photography

Naturally, you may have some concerns about handing over your precious new baby to a photographer.  Let me assure you that safety is of the utmost importance to me and will always take priority during a shoot.  I use a natural flow posing style and work with your baby, avoiding the more unnatural poses.  My aim is to capture all the tiny details of your beautiful new addition that you want to remember forever, from those tiny fingers and toes to those lusciously long eyelashes.

I am a trained photographer and have also trained with one of the best newborn photographers in the country in the art of newborn posing and safety.

I am a member of BANPAS, an association that promotes safe working practices amongst newborn and baby photographers.

As a mother of two myself, you can rest assured I will handle your baby as if they were my own, with the utmost of care.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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